I started serious photography back in the late 70’s, doing a mix of newspaper photography using 35mm cameras and weddings using medium format cameras.  After graduating college, I stopped shooting for money, and did personal work for several years.  At this point I was in love with medium format cameras and Fuji Velvia transparency film.  I loved shooting transparency film due to the gorgeous prints one could produce using Cibachrome .  Then I got married, had kids, moved, and stopped doing photography for me

After many years, I am finally starting back into serious photography, but my has the landscape changed.  Digital photography has been a boon for both pro and amateur photographers, but it does require a different mindset and workflow than my beloved Velvia + Cibachrome.

And hence this blog, and my associated gallery site, have been created to document my path into the digital age, and perhaps help others with reviews, examples, etc. Hopefully my analog mind will adapt!